Opening hours General Medical Practice de Makroon

** Prerequisite: you are a registered patient in our practice.
General Medical Practice de Makroon

General Medical Practice de Makroon

Monday - Friday:
8 AM - 5 PM*

Appointment required.

(* lunch break noon - 1 PM)
General Medical Practice de Makroon gives the opportunity for a medical consultation at the time that suits you most and we guarantee you a consultation, if necessary, on the same day. Making of an appointment is always required. You may arrange your consultation online or by phone 020 – 2373650.

We aim to give you special attention for any of your health issues. Therefore one consultation in our practice lasts 15 minutes instead of usual 10 minutes.
Please note that one consultation handles one health issue; would you have more than one, please book double consultation. Please make sure that you arrive on time. In case you are by any reason delayed and not present in the practice at scheduled time, you will need to make another appointment.

You may cancel your consultation up to one hour prior its commencement. In case your appointment is not cancelled in a timely manner, we will charge a no show fee of:
- Standard GP consultation 15 euro
- Double GP consultation 25 euro
Mental Health Care Consultant

Mental Health Care Consultant

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Appointment required.

Please be informed that the appointments with Mental Health Care Consultant may not be arranged online. In case you need to change or cancel your appointment, you are required to do so with one of our doctor’s assistants at least 24 hours prior the scheduled appointment.

Please note that the failure to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance or in case you not arrive in the timely matter, the following costs will be charged:

- 50 EUR in case of an intake appointment
- 25 EUR in case of a follow-up appointment

In case this occurs twice, all appointments with Mental Health Care Consultant will be halted and you will be required to make new arrangements with your GP.
Blood samples collecting location RHMDC

Blood samples collecting location RHMDC

Monday - Thursday:
8 AM - noon, 1 - 4 PM

8 AM - noon, 1- 3 PM
General Medical Practice de Makroon is a blood samples collection location for Reinier Haga Medisch Diagnostisch Centrum.
Marriage certificate physical

Marriage certificate physical

+++ Until further notice we have no capacity available to offer the physical for obtaining Moroccoan marriage certificate +++
General Medical Practice de Makroon provides physical examinations for obtaining Moroccan marriage certificate. An appointment may only be arranged by phone.

Once arranged, this appointment cannot be rescheduled or cancelled. 

General Practice Service Center 'Huisartsenpost'

General Practice Service Center 'Huisartsenpost'

If you are in need of any medical help outside opening hours of our practice, you have to contact General Medical Practice Service Center, in Dutch 'Huisartsenpost'. This Service Center may be contacted only in cases that require immediate medical attention and cannot wait until our practice is open again. In order to use their services, you need to contact the Service Center in advance by phone. 

General Medical Practice Service Center 'Huisartsenpost' may be contacted Monday-Friday 5PM-8AM and 24 hours during weekends and Dutch public holidays on 088-0030600

In case of a life-threatening situation, please call emergency number 112.